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23rd December 2003 House of Mirrors and the website crew want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The new album is going to rock!!!! We are getting really excited and can hardly wait to finish it!!

14th November 2003 We're back! The web site server went kaputt and the site was down for a couple of days. It's now on a backup server, so let's hope everything works fine until a new one is installed!

8th October 2003 We are very happy to announce that House of Mirrors have signed a contract with Escape Music! The band are already working on the album, scheduled to be finished in January!

1st October 2003 A lot of sincere thank yous to all the friendly people giving us nice reviews, such as this one!

15th September 2003 The new single "Spirit of Freedom" is here! If you're a press rep and need a copy for a review, give us a shout!

29th August 2003 The new single "Spirit of Freedom" is mastered and headed to the pressing plant!

Summer 2003 The first self-titled single has generated quite a bit of buzz among fans and press, and House of Mirrors has been in negotiations with several record labels. Music business is in difficult times, though, so no deals have been made yet. From discussions with "people in the know" the band still feels it is only a matter of time.

14th May 2003 The band have finished rehearsing and are currently in the recording studio recording more songs!

3rd Mar 2003 House of Mirrors got a nice 10 % in the poll at www.aordreamzones.com, becoming the fourth 'winner' in the contest (hey - there are no losers in those things!).

25th Feb 2003 Some promo pictures of Jaakko and Pekka added to the media page.

22th Feb 2003 Heart is the Key received 5 out of 5 stars in LA-Nites.com "world-wide" listener votes. The song beat all the other songs of the week, and was the only track to get 5 stars. Thanks a lot for the votes!

17th Feb 2003 Vote for House of Mirrors at www.aordreamzones.com!

14th Feb 2003 House of Mirrors scored 90 % in a review at rockheads.dk. We can't thank you enough!

25th Jan 2003 The House of Mirrors single was given a nice review by Urban "Wally" Wahlstrom at www.aor-europe.com.

25th Jan 2003 The House of Mirrors single received 9.0 out of 10 in Strutter Magazine. Thanks a lot!

8th Jan 2003 Web site up and running! Also hard at work writing new material.